Episode 22 Anime Midwest (Chicago)

I joined The Whiskey Brothers, Yakov Smirnoff, and Majin Buu in Chicago for a crazy, comedy and ramen noodled filled weekend! 

There's a theme song and everything! "Diary, it's my diary, burlesque, sideshow, comedy, and everything else in between."  Chronicling the life of standup comic, radio personality, producer, and international award winning burlesque performer KiKi Maroon. She has performed across the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia and has decided to start filming it!

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Here are a some favorites:

Episode 16 If You Like Curry (New Zealand)

I went to Auckland, New Zealand! Bus rides, geysers, caves, and tribes. It was a great trip. Even the accidental racism was fun! 

Episode 23 Robert Palmer Girl (Houston, TX) 

I was body painted for an art installation, auctioned for a commercial, saw a CRAZY show, and hosted The Burly Q Lounge. WHEW! 

Episode 19 The Final Circus (Providence, RI)

This was an emotional one. I flew to Providence, RI for the final Ringling Brothers show. Circus history, crying clowns, and a once in a lifetime show. 

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