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Saturday, APRIL 22nd! THE BAYOU CITY BURLESQUE AND CIRCUS ARTS FESTIVAL!!! The Burly Q Lounge will be on a one month hiatus, but don't you fret! It's because KiKi Maroon and the whole gang will be on the BIG STAGE at Warehouse Live for the 2017 BCBC Festival! The BCBC Festival is an international event featuring the most amazing performers around. More info at  BUY BCBC FESTIVAL TICKETS HERE 

Looking for something different? KiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge is for you! Classy and sexy, dirty and funny; this evening of Houston burlesque, standup comedy, and vaudevillian acts will transport you to the naughty speakeasy your grandparents never told you about! Every month’s show is new and different, featuring burlesque beauties, standup comics, and musicians. 

KiKi Maroon's Burly Q Lounge

Houston burlesque , standup comedy, and live music!

The Burly Q Lounge is proudly sponsored by ImagingStudios Boudoir. Schedule your own sexy, burlesque or boudoir photoshoot today and tell them KiKi Maroon sent you!

Houston burlesque show

Every month's line up is new and different!

Saturday, May 27th: Burly Q Lounge Starring Leggy Lass Greenleaf (Los Angeles Burlesque), Electra Mourning (Austin Burlesque), Ben Kirsch (Houston Circus and Burlesque), Nick T. Vegan (Houston Loudmouth), KiKi Maroon (Houston Standup and Burlesque), and featuring the Burly Qutie Showgirls! BUY MAY HOUSTON BURLESQUE SHOW TICKETS HERE 

Saturday, June 17th: Starring Maxi Millions (Phoenix Burlesque), Roxxy Reckless (Dallas Burlesque) Sivenne DeLynn (Houston Burlesque), Jim Mackenzie (Houston Sideshow), Mimi LeUke (St. Louis Musician), KiKi Maroon (Houston Standup and Burlesque), and featuring the Burly Qutie Showgirls! BUY June HOUSTON BURLESQUE SHOW TICKETS HERE