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May 19th: The May show will feature Felix Elixir (New Orleans Burlesque), Arty Dodger (Dallas Circus), Layna D'Luna (Austin Burlesque), Lisa Ortiz (NYC Musician), and ms YET (Houston Belly Dance)!The evening will be hosted by KiKi Maroon and The Burly Qutie Showgirls! 


March 24th:  The March show will feature Dolly Dagger (NYC Burlesque), Jolie Goodnight (Austin Burlesque), Mr. Cirque (Houston Circus), Sivene DeLynn (Houston Burlesque), and Honey Moonpie (Houston Burlesque)! The evening will be hosted by KiKi Maroon and feature the debut of our brand new Burly Qutie Showgirls! BUY MARCH 24th TICKETS HERE 

April 21st: The April show will feature Honey Moonpie (Houston Burlesque), Nick T. Vegan (Houston Burlesque), and Cilantro the Clown (Houston Circus)! The evening will be hosted by KiKi Maroon and The Burly Qutie Showgirls! BUY APRIL 21st TICKETS HERE 

KiKi Maroon's Burly Q Lounge

Houston burlesque, standup comedy, and live music!

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Every month's show is new and different!

Looking for something different? KiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge is for you! Classy and sexy, dirty and funny; this evening of Houston burlesque, standup comedy, and vaudevillian acts will transport you to the naughty speakeasy your grandparents never told you about! Every month’s show is new and different, featuring burlesque beauties, standup comics, and musicians. 

Burly Q Lounge photos